About Us

About Us

Background & Vision

The Workplace Health Leadership Group NI (WHLGNI) was formed on 10th August 2016 when a group of committed stakeholders from across industry and government came together to ensure that effective occupational health management is given the priority in Northern Ireland workplaces that it warrants.

The Group's vision is to ensure that 'Workplace Health' receives the same recognition in the working environment as 'Occupational Safety' and to encourage employers to have a 'healthy' as well as a 'safe' culture.

There is clear evidence that ill health at work burdens all (employers, employees and society in general). However, it is now generally recognised that managing health risks can also have a positive impact for all parties.

In Northern Ireland an estimated 350 – 400 people die each year, due to work related ill health
In Northern Ireland an estimated 350 – 400 people die each year, due to work related ill health


Utilising a partnership approach WHLGNI has a mission to raise the profile of occupational health, occupational hygiene, and wellness/health promotion and in doing so focus on the prevention of ill health at work based on an assessment of need.

It is critical, therefore, for the Group to ensure that managing workplace health risks remains high on the agenda of all organisations.


Recognising (and promoting) the great work that is ongoing to improve workplace health by industry lead bodies, business leaders, health and safety professionals, occupational health professionals and other interested parties is a key function of the Group.

The Group will play a pivotal role in implementing, co-ordinating and supporting initiatives to meet the objectives set out within its 5 Year Strategic Plan for August 2017 - August 2022 as well as act as a catalyst for new initiatives.


The need to halt the serious impact of workplace related ill health and the burden that it adds to individuals, business, society and healthcare is part of the rationale for the formation of the WHLGNI.

The Group will be keen to promote improvements in workplace health standards, as it is well established that "Good work is good for you".

It acknowledges that in order to deal with workplace health issues effectively a multi-agency, joined up approach is required.


The Aims

The Aims of the August 2017 - August 2022 Strategy:

  • Awareness raising/Education/Communication
  • Engagement, empowerment and support
  • Capacity building (including training, skills and experience)
  • Shaping solutions
  • Partnership


The lead partners on the steering committee are:

  • British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS)
  • BuildHealth
  • Health and safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI)
  • Local Councils
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health ,NI Branch (IOSH)
  • Northern Ireland Safety Group (NISG)
  • Public Health Agency


The Workplace Health Leadership Group Northern Ireland Partners are:
  • Northern Ireland Safety Group
  • Build Health
  • BOHS
  • HSE NI
  • EHNI
  • HSC Public Health Agency
  • Congress
  • IOSH NI Branch