Agricultural Health & Safety

Agricultural Health & Safety

Agricultural Health & Safety

HSENI state that farm injuries and illness can ruin lives and businesses.

Agriculture is one of HSENIs key target areas in their Corporate plan 2018 - 2023.

Solutions are often simple and cheap and the people best placed to make farms safer are farmers and their employees.

HSENI is one of the members of the Farm Safety Partnership alongside:-

  • (DAERA)

  • Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU)

  • NFU Mutual (NFUM)

  • Young Farmers’ Club of Ulster (YFCU)

  • Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers Association (NIAPA).

The Workplace Health Leadership Group Northern Ireland Partners are:
  • Northern Ireland Safety Group
  • Build Health
  • BOHS
  • HSE NI
  • EHNI
  • HSC Public Health Agency
  • Congress
  • IOSH NI Branch